For centuries, the vagina has been made mysterious, disregarded, mutilated or made fun of, and the truth is that because of this most people don’t know enough about vaginas at all. As women all over the country begin to join together in a conversation about consent and power, Lynn’s investigation into the history, biology and politics of the vagina will be a valuable and urgent addition to the discussion.

In Vagina: A Re-Education, she is determined to smash the stigma and uncover the facts about the vagina, from sex-education, to the clitoris, through pain and arousal, Lynn will chart the story of the vagina, and empower women to know more about their bodies. This is also a personal journey, as Lynn re-educates herself about her own vagina, and tells her readers how her story could have been helped by just a little more information.

As head of news and content at The Pool, Lynn understands how constructs about femininity intersect with damaging myths about our biology. As a freelance journalist, she has written for The Irish Times, The Independent, The Financial Times, BuzzFeed, Grazia, Stylist and many other UK and international publications. Incidentally, she is currently living in Berlin!

Allen & Unwin will publish the book next year and it is due to be delivered in late June (just a few weeks!). We are so excited to see more of this book, as you’ll see in the proposal Lynn voice and engagement with the subject is striking and refreshing.