Eleni N. Gage | LUCKY IN LOVE – Traditions, Customs, and Rituals to Personalize Your Wedding



A perfect wedding is equal parts planning and magic. While hundreds of books are devoted to guiding the engaged couple through the planning process, Lucky in Love: Traditions, Customs, and Rituals to Personalize Your Wedding (Clarkson Potter; on sale December 11, 2018; $16.99) focuses on the magic. A cross-cultural collection of folklore from all over the world, this unique and essential guidebook covers auspicious traditions that will help couples achieve a meaningful wedding and a lifetime of luck and happiness

Virtually every culture, religion, and community has devised rituals around weddings that are meant to imbue the marriage with good fortune. Now these often centuries-old customs can inspire new ways for today’s couples to celebrate their own unique love. In Lucky in Love, Eleni Gage presents both beloved and little-known traditions with whimsy and depth, imparting ancient wisdom with a modern attitude. An essential resource that is also the perfect thoughtful gift, it will inspire engaged couples to create their own lucky traditions with nods to each other’s heritage, customs from places they have visited together, or auspicious rituals that just feel special.