Edward Wong | THE EMPIRE REBORN – A Family’s Journey Through Modern China


THE EMPIRE REBORN is the essential story of modern China as told, in part, through the multigenerational narrative of Wong’s family: his father, coming of age in China in the 1950s and 60s as Mao consolidates power; and Wong’s present-day experience charting China’s geo-political ambition, alongside its darker repercussions: environmental degradation; extreme censorship and propaganda; cyberespionage; minority ethnic group suppression and violence; and finally, the troubling autocratic rise of President Xi Jinping. Throughout, Wong powerfully argues that his father’s story under Mao has much to teach us about China under Xi. With beautiful writing, sweeping narrative, and news-breaking insight into contemporary China, THE EMPIRE REBORN will be required reading for anyone looking to understand global politics in the 21st century.