Catherine Evans | THE WRONG’UN

UNBOUND | Upmarket Women’s Fiction

Always in trouble. Always the odd one out.

Of her five fine sons, Edie always loved her eldest, Patrick, best. And didn’t love her daughter Bea at all. And kept the family secrets. Now the siblings are all grown, and a family gathering will bring the family’s skeletons, so ruthlessly suppressed by Edie all these years, into the open at last.

Meet the Newells, five siblings from a big Northern family of good lookers and hard grafters, with brains and diligence to spare. Five siblings who break into Oxford academia, London’s high life and the stratospheric riches of New York’s hedge funds. But there’s always been a wrong’un in their midst, a sixth – equally intelligent and with a deadly charm – who prefers life’s dark underbelly and who will stop at nothing to destroy his siblings’ lives. How can their mother endlessly turn a blind eye to her son’s malevolence? Why does she stand by and watch while he wrecks the lives of her other children? How much is she willing to sacrifice for him and how will the family survive them both?