Barbie Latza Nadeau | ROADMAP TO HELL – Sex, Drugs and Guns on the Mafia Coast


From sex slaves to drug mules, The Daily Beast’s Rome Bureau Chief uncovers a terrifying and intricate web of criminal activity right on Europe’s doorstep.
Caught between Camorra gunrunners selling to ISIS and Nigerian drug gangs along Italy’s picturesque coast, each year thousands of refugees and migrants are lured into their underworld, forced to become sex slaves, drug mules or weapon smugglers. In this powerful exposé, investigative journalist Barbie Latza Nadeau follows the weapons trail, meets the trafficked women trapped by black magic, the brave nuns who try to save them and the Italian police who turn a blind eye as the most urgent issues facing Europe play out in broad daylight.

“I read this book in one horrified gulp. It was dreadfully gripping, so clearly combining compassion with incision, genuine pity with years of coalface research. Here is a profound, appalling portrait of a country overwhelmed by crime, which somehow manages to keep a focus on the human victims and the geopolitical forces at play.” 
—Tobias Jones, author of The Dark Heart of Italy: An Incisive Portrait of Europe’s Most Beautiful, Most Disconcerting Country