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GENRE | Roman, Dystopie SETTING | Fiktive Metropole, nahe Zukunft ET | Juli 2018 VERLAG | Hanser Berlin Inhalt Riva ist Hochhausspringerin – ein perfekt funktionierender Mensch mit Millionen Fans. Doch plötzlich weigert sie sich zu trainieren. Kameras sind allgegenwärtig in ihrer Welt, aber sie weiß nicht, dass sie gezielt beobachtet wird: Hitomi, eine andere […]

Barbie Latza Nadeau | ROADMAP TO HELL – Sex, Drugs and Guns on the Mafia Coast

MASSIE & McQUILKIN LITERARY AGENTS | Non-Fiction From sex slaves to drug mules, The Daily Beast’s Rome Bureau Chief uncovers a terrifying and intricate web of criminal activity right on Europe’s doorstep. Caught between Camorra gunrunners selling to ISIS and Nigerian drug gangs along Italy’s picturesque coast, each year thousands of refugees and migrants are lured […]

Andrew Pack | IN SECURE

UNBOUND | YA / Fantasy   I loved this one and really felt for the protagonists! This tackles a lot of big issues lightly and with huge empathy – the author works in family law. Pretty Jen and silent Casey. Violent Sharp and self-harming Selfie. Lauren, who won’t eat and Boo who eats things she […]


UNBOUND | Literary Fiction ‘The novel I have in mind, and for which I’ve done a ninety-page plan, is about the Black Prince. I thought it might be amusing blatantly to steal the Camera Eye and the Newsreel devices from Dos Passos just to see how they might work, especially with the Black Death and Crécy […]

Ravi Agrawal | INDIA CONNECTED – How the Smartphone is Transforming the World’s Largest Democracy

THE ZOE PAGNAMENTA AGENCY | Non-Fiction An immersive, sweeping, and sharp-eyed look at the creative and disruptive effect the internet is having on India. “A remarkable work of non-fiction…a fascinating and very well-written account of the ways in which the smartphone is transforming every aspect of Indian life, from marriage to politics, and not always for […]


THE ZOE PAGNAMENTA AGENCY | Non-Fiction A pioneering music educator reveals how making and enjoying music can supercharge childhood development—and how parents and educators can harness this power to nurture children’s intellects, emotional health, social skills, creativity, and more. You have probably heard of the “Mozart Effect”—essentially, the idea that listening to classical music can make […]

Daphne Geismar | INVISIBLE YEARS

ANNE EDELSTEIN LITERARY AGENCY | Non-Fiction A Family Underground in the Netherlands 1942-1945, created and designed by Daphne Geismar. Based on an extraordinary collection of primary sources – narratives, photographs, remembrances, and historical facts – this book literally unfolds the underground world of hiding in Nazi-occupied Netherlands, in a multi-generational, extended family portrait. When Daphne Geismar, acclaimed […]


MASSIE & McQUILKIN LITERARY AGENTS | Literary Fiction It is 2015 and Ashley Madison, the secret on-line dating site for married and committed couples (whose motto: “Life is short, have an affair”) has been hacked. Thirty-two million cheaters worldwide have been exposed … Enter SOPHIE BLOOM, 42, married to her high school sweetheart and still in love. […]

Catherine Evans | THE WRONG’UN

UNBOUND | Upmarket Women’s Fiction Always in trouble. Always the odd one out. Of her five fine sons, Edie always loved her eldest, Patrick, best. And didn’t love her daughter Bea at all. And kept the family secrets. Now the siblings are all grown, and a family gathering will bring the family’s skeletons, so ruthlessly suppressed […]

Alice Mattison | Conscience

THE ZOE PAGNAMENTA AGENCY | Fiction From the author of New Yorker, PEN/O. Henry Prize, Pushcart Prize, Ploughshares, and Best American short stories; numerous New York Times Notable novels and collections; and the writing guide THE KITE AND THE STRING, comes an unforgettable story of former Vietnam War protesters and the tangled histories of activism, […]