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Wiebke Lorenz | WAS? WÄRE? WENN?

GENRE | Komödie SETTING | Deutschland, Gegenwart ET | Oktober 2003 VERLAG | Piper Inhalt Was wäre, wenn … man sein Leben von vorn beginnen und manche Dinge einfach ungeschehen machen könnte? Charly würde dazu jede Menge einfallen: das geschmissene Studium, zahllose Affären und wilde Partynächte. Bei einer geheimnisvollen „Personalberatung“ bekommt sie ein unglaubliches Angebot: Sie […]

Toby Muse | KILO: Life and Death Inside the Colombian Cocaine Cartels

MASSIE & MCQUILKIN LITERARY AGENTS | Non-Fiction It’s the second most popular drug in the world after marijuana. It has fueled party scenes and helped define styles in fashion and art. It has also financed revolutions, driven unending wars, made billionaires out of peasants, and has pitted country against country. Yet little is known about cocaine’s […]

Emma Southon | AGRIPPINA: Empress, Exile, Hustler, Whore

UNBOUND | History / Non-Fiction Great-granddaughter of Augustus. Great-niece of Tiberius. Sister of Caligula. Wife of Claudius. Mother of Nero. The story of Agrippina – at the centre of imperial power for three generations – is the story of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, and of Rome itself,  at its bloody, extravagant, chaotic, ruthless and political height. In […]

Eleni N. Gage | LUCKY IN LOVE – Traditions, Customs, and Rituals to Personalize Your Wedding

  MASSIE & MCQUILKIN LITERARY AGENTS | Non-Fiction A perfect wedding is equal parts planning and magic. While hundreds of books are devoted to guiding the engaged couple through the planning process, Lucky in Love: Traditions, Customs, and Rituals to Personalize Your Wedding (Clarkson Potter; on sale December 11, 2018; $16.99) focuses on the magic. A […]


LUTYENS & RUBINSTEIN | Non-Fiction The success of the German U-boats has been covered in numerous books but, astonishingly, the story of how the British turned the situation around has never before been investigated. From Chess to Space Invaders, war has always been a central theme in play; a lesser known fact is that the reverse […]


LUTYENS & RUBINSTEIN | Fiction ‘Ania had set aside most of the morning for some work on her novel. Her main character was a less beautiful and more philosophical version of herself. She nursed a dark secret as did most of the other characters. These were all to be eventually revealed in the book-lined office of a […]

Hilary Bradt | BEASTLY JOURNEYS – Unusual Tales of Travels with Animals

Jennifer Barclay | Non-Fiction Never work with children or animals – they steal the show. That’s certainly the case with the animals in this collection of 45 true stories. Gerald Durrell shares his bed in Argentina with a feverish baby peccary; John Rendall travels to Africa to introduce Christian the lion to the wild; Sarah Outen […]


LUTYENS & RUBINSTEIN | Non-Fiction In 2014 I moved back to the United States after living abroad for fourteen years, my whole adult life, because my father was dying from cancer. Six weeks after I arrived in New York City, my father died. Six months after that I learned that I had inherited the gene that […]

Ben Rhodes | THE WORLD AS IT IS – A Memoir Of The Obama White House

THE CHENEY AGENCY | Non-Fiction From one of Barack Obama’s closest aides comes a revelatory behind-the-scenes account of his presidency—and how idealism can confront harsh reality and still survive—in the tradition of Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.’s A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House.   For nearly ten years, Ben Rhodes saw almost everything that happened […]


LUTYENS & RUBINSTEIN | Non-Fiction For centuries, the vagina has been made mysterious, disregarded, mutilated or made fun of, and the truth is that because of this most people don’t know enough about vaginas at all. As women all over the country begin to join together in a conversation about consent and power, Lynn’s investigation into […]